Sara Hebe on Tour!


Sara Hebe from Buenos Aires, Argentina will return to Europe this summer with her poetical radical Hiphop which passes from rap, punk rock, carioca funk to sensitive cumbia.

Sara Hebe Merino is the most notable argentinian rapper and one of the fundamental new young artists of these years. She overlaps her daring rimes with the most different rhythms of cumbia, punk and rock´n´roll. 

Besides of taking rap as a pillar of composition, she breaks through a variety of styles, from reggae to cumbia and from dancehall to electronic world music. Her songs are a perfect reflection of her incredible skills and a lyrical shamelessly approach with a strong social critique. She is telling urban inspired poems in a raw, energetic and beautiful way at the same time.

Since 2007 Sara Hebe is touring not only the Latin American continent, but has made several tours in Europe. She released three albums so far.

More Infos:
Territory: Europe
Touring Period: July/August 2017

Malavidamusic is working on the European Tour in cooperation with propaganda-pel-fet  


posted on 16. April 2017 - 12:32 by Malavida